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Bangkok Museum

Bangkok Museum

Centre Of Khon Mask Making At Saphan Mai Community: Khon is a branch of Thai traditional theatre in which the performers wear masks called “Hua Khon” or Khon heads. They usually perform scenes from Ranmakien, the Thai version of the Ramayana epic.

Children’s Discovery Museum is the first children museum in Thailand. Located on the northern edge of Chatuchak Weekend Market, the museum has 8 galleries of 123 exhibits and activities located in 3 buildings and 1 outdoor space.

Nowadays, the sight of a wooden Thai-style house in the heart of Bangkok is a rarity. Ms.Waraporn Surawandee is a proud owner of one. She converted her ancestor’s home that was built before World War II into a private museum called “Bangkok Folk Museum”, giving Bangkok another historical tourist destination. 


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